How To Install Plugin In WordPress – For Beginners

This is a guide for beginners after Install WordPress In 8 Easy And Convenient Steps. Plugin is piece of code which is embedded into your blog and give good features to you and your readers also. You install Plugin to improve the quality of your blog. Now few question will be in your mind that from where you will get WordPress plugins. There are two type of plugins one is free plugins and other is premium plugins. Free plugins you can download from WordPress Site while premium plugins you can buy from every website website which sells plugins.

  1. Installing Plugin From Dashboard:

When you go to your Dashboard you will see a menu bars which will be located at left side. When you download Plugin, open Plugin Menu and click on Add New. After clicking you will see a new page which will have many option  like search, upload, popular, Featured e.t.c.

Only Click on Upload > Browser button and give path to the plugin where you have downloaded it. Then select Install Now button, when installation completes you will be shown Activate Now button click on it in order to activate that plugin.

2. Installing Plugin Via WordPress Search :

It is very easy way for installing plugin you will not have to download any plugin, instead of downloading you can directly install your plugin by searching. So to install plugin via search go to Plugin menu and select Add new and then click on Search a new page will be opened where will be search box, enter the name of that plugin in the search box which you want to install and click Search Plugin button. Search Results will be shown and then select that plugin which you want to install but remember after installation activate the plugin.

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